GRIN Influencer Management Shopify App

GRIN is a Shopify app designed to help you scale your influencer marketing efforts while saving time, keeping everything organised, and helping you identify and replicate your best influencers.

GRIN Influencer Marketing Shopify App

Build Authentic Partnerships with Creators at Scale

GRIN is a creator management platform that enables you to collaborate directly with influencers at scale. GRIN gives you the tools you need to partner with influencers and build a relationship in order to create content your customers can trust.

GRIN helps you find and connect with creators and influencers who genuinely believe in your brand. And, GRIN integrates with your Shopify store to streamline product gifting, setting up discount codes and setting up campaigns based on a specific product selection. When you build a squad of influencers, you reduce customer acquisition cost, increase loyalty and build brand value faster.

GRIN Feature Highlights

  1. Manage your creator relationships in one place – create a legion of influencers who are aligned to your brand and form close relationships with them at scale. GRIN brings all the communication under one roof so every message between your team and creators lives in one place. You’ll find a native integration with most common platforms, including Gmail, Slack, SMS, and Outlook.
  2. Access a 33m+ influencer recruitment suite – Find and recruit the perfect ambassadors for your brand based on location, language, brand affinity and interests, etc. Once you have identified your top performers, you can use GRIN’s lookalike tool to find new creators with similar audiences, engagement, demographics, and reach.
  3. Connect with influential customers – Your customers are your best ambassadors and the influential customers tool is one of GRIN’s greatest assets. Use it to find customers with highly engaged followings and recruit them as creators and influencers for your brand. You can filter on reach, location, gender and social networks, and you can see how much they spent and what they bought – perfect if you want to entice them with a gift.
  4. Integrated reporting and analytics – Measure the impact of your creator relationships with robust and easy to read analytics. Influencer marketing campaigns are notoriously difficult to track. When you create a campaign in GRIN, you can track KPIs including spend, revenue, conversions, media value and ROI. Use GRIN’s creator performance breakdown to gain insight on the performance of each individual creator.
  5. Leverage user generated content – GRIN makes it straightforward to download and reuse your creator-produced content anywhere in your influencer marketing mix, from your website to display ads.
  6. Creator product gifting made easy – The native integration with Shopify allows you to offer creators specific products from your ecommerce store that are linked to a campaign and then make the orders directly within GRIN.
  7. Let GRIN handle your influencer payments – Use GRIN’s payment trackers to verify and pay individual creators for their content or pay at scale to your creator networks.

GRIN Pricing

GRIN doesn’t have a set pricing structure. Instead they’ll provide you with customised pricing based on the size of your business and your specific requirements. For example, you may only need platform access for one team member, or you may not need the analytics add-on. The best thing to do to get started is organise a demo of the platform and request a quote.

Book a demo

GRIN is an excellent tool that allows you to streamline influencer marketing. From product fulfilment, briefing, payment, creating links and codes, and reporting and tracking, GRIN has got you covered. This was the number one pain point for our business, there are so many different elements to consider for Influencer marketing. Having this all in one place is so helpful and much more manageable for a small team.