Rebuy Shopify App – Increase Sales with a Data Driven Shopping Experience

Rebuy adds intelligence to your website to improve the shopping experience and drive more revenue.

You may be a little sceptical of apps that claim to add artificial intelligence and machine learning to eCommerce stores – AI being the latest buzzword in eCommerce.

But Rebuy’s personalisation engine is the real deal. It genuinely adds value by improving the user experience, and by extension helps to drive up AOV, conversion rate and sales. Plus, the Shopify app is pretty lean and doesn’t weigh your site down with messy code.

Here’s a sleeves rolled up review of the Rebuy Shopify app.

ReBuy Engine - Smart Shopify Recommendations


Rebuy Feature Highlights

AI Based Personalisation

A primary feature of Rebuy is its AI-powered personalisation engine. The engine can tailor the user’s experience showing products that they are likely to buy based on where they are onsite and their unique shopping patterns.

The recommendations it makes are not just forward-looking. Rebuy can recommend previously viewed and also previously purchased items.

Product Recommendations

What I like about the recommendations engine is that it accommodates every Shopify merchant.

If you have a larger catalog, recommendations make navigating the site much more streamlined.

For smaller retailers, I REALLY appreciate how Rebuy can recommend Variants not only products.

For example, you may sell a t-shirt in 5 colours.

Rebuy can recommend any or all of the colours leading to better engagement and conversion rate (see below):

ReBuy Engine - Shopify Recommendations

These recommendations can be placed on key page types such as the homepage, collection pages, product pages, cart, and the checkout (on Shopify Plus only).

Finally, there are a few strategies you can implement to increase average order value (AOV) such as Bundle and Save, Free Gift With Purchase, Buy One Get One, Complete the Look, and more.

If you’re on Shopify Plus, you can take advantage of the integration with Shopify Scripts to add advanced rules.

ReBuy - Upsell on Shopify

Smart Cart

The Rebuy smart cart is basically a slide-out shopping cart that includes the ability to embed Rebuy recommendations modules.

One of the draws of slide-out carts in general is the elimination of additional clicks, thus streamlining the path to purchase.

It’s one of the way you can help improve you site’s conversion rate.

The inclusion of multiple recommendation widgets is used to help to boost your customer’s Average Order Value.

What I like about this is that you can include multiple recommendation modules. This could be 1 item recommendation for a specific promotion, followed by 3 AI-generated items.

Because the prominent position of recommendations it give your customers quick access to relevant products, improving their journey through your side and improving their path to purchase.


Rebuy Use Cases

Improve site browse-ability

Rebuy allows customers to navigate and browse your products easily even with large catalogues. You can display recommended products at variant level, which puts the spotlight on popular styles to further drive sales.

Improve Conversion Rate

The Smart Cart to reduce checkout clicks and streamline the path to conversion.

I’ve found the Smart Cart diplays really well on mobile.

Increase Average Order Value

A real strength of Rebuy is its AI-based recommendations.

By implementing the recommendation widgets you can present your customers with relevant products that will have the highest likelihood of being purchased.

Further increase AOV with Post Purchase Upsells

A new feature is the ability to add Post-Purchase upsells.

These get presented to your customers at the ‘thank you’ page screen. They have just made a purchase and you have the option to give them a great deal and further increase the AOV.

Competitors & Alternatives

Limespot Personalizer – Limespot has similar features and is well worth a look. However, the pricing is a little more than Rebuy.

Frequently Bought Together – It’s been going since 2016 and their mission was to bring Amazon-like features into Shopify. Since then it has expanded and has strong reviews on Shopify.

Bold Upsell – Offers a portion of what Rebuy does. Merchants like the price and customer service.

Plans & Pricing

Starter (Free) Plan

Currently the free plan covers 50 orders per month based on total shop orders.

Professional Plan

What’s great about this is the fixed low monthly cost of $4.49.

From there Rebuy charges 9¢ per order based on total shop orders.

If you have Shopify POS make sure you speak to Rebuy about getting these excluded from your invoice!

For the latest pricing checkout Rebuy’s pricing page.


Here are the main apps that integrate with Rebuy:

  • Recharge – Creation of Subscription Products
  • Klaviyo – Customer Retention, Email and SMS
  • Yotpo – Reviews and Loyalty
  • Okendo – Reviews

Be sure to check out the Integrations page on Rebuy’s site for the most up-to-date list.

Support & Customer Service

Rebuy does have some help documentation, but we found that there were a number of questions that didn’t have answers.

We initially had some issues regarding customising widgets, but after reaching out to Rebuy via the chat support, we received clear instructions that resolved the issue.

That said, their help docs could definitely be built out a little better!


Overall we’re really impressed with Rebuy. The balance of price, features and customisability make it a great choice and we’ve seen impressive results on every site where we have it installed.

Aside from the lack of documentation (which we’ve been assured they’re working on), there are few drawbacks. Rebuy is one of the best Shopify apps you can have on your site to help increase average order value and conversion rate.

If you’d like to get started, head over to

Rebuy Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Rebuy for Shopify cost?

Rebuy’s Starter plan is free and covers 50 orders per month based on total shop orders. The professional plan has a fixed monthly cost of $4.49 and then Rebuy charges 9¢ per order based on total shop orders.

How customisable is Rebuy?

One of the big advantages of Rebuy is how customisable it is. If you’re on Shopify Plus and you want to step beyond the recommended setup, you can build your own modules, integrate them with Shopify Plus Scripts and create complex merchandising rules.

What’s the ROI on Rebuy?

Across 10 sites we’ve seen the cost of Rebuy to be anywhere between 5-10% of the revenue attributed to it. This puts the ROI in 10-20x range.

Rebuy Subscription Review

ReBuy Review
  • Features
  • Customisations
  • Usability
  • Support
  • Value for Money
  • Confidence in Business


Overall I’m really impressed with ReBuy

The balance of price, features and customisability make it a great choice and we’ve seen impressive results on every site on which we’ve installed it

There are very few drawbacks aside from the documentation for which I’ve been assured they are working on

If you’d like to get started, head over to


  • Massively customisable
  • Integrations with Shopify Scripts
  • Slide out Smart Cart
  • Post Purchase Upsells
  • Clean code
  • Good balance between price and features


  • FAQ and help section could be improved